Anchoring Kundalini globally

Anchoring Kundalini globally
Creating a worldwide network for individuals with experience in Kundalini, dedicated to personal, local, and global healing from trauma – helping us in this deep process.
Local Groups, Meetings, Events & Safe Spaces
Formation of local groups, meetings, events, and safe spaces for sharing experiences, both online and offline.
Scientific research & (online) Conferences
Scientific research, (online) conferences, and publications regarding Kundalini experiences, symptoms, syndromes, and spiritual crises in general.
Cultivation of fundamental principles (Safeties)
Cultivation of fundamental principles (safety measures, education) to guard against risks and the misuse of psychologically potent methods and techniques. Workshops for Teachers of Kundalini Yoga, Tantra, ... and other Seminarleaders about Kundalini and Spiritual Crisis.
Helping networks of Healing Professionals / Therapists

Starting in Berlin … and facebook (german language / international):

Be one of the first – this is the early beginning … We wanted to start with minimum one group for each continent and build this network up from here. We are working on non-facebook Social Community as next step.

D-A-CH / Germany-Austria-Swiss

Wiesbaden / Mainz
Vienna (Austria / AT)
Zurich (Siwss / CH)


New York City / NYC
UK / London
NL / Amsterdam
France / Paris
Conocer a Kundalini en México

The name „Kundalini Stories“ represents the exchange of our stories in the experience of Kundalini for mutual inspiration – and to feel supported in a space without prejudice and without being dismissed as crazy.

Newsletter for building up this network and stay in touch about the developement of our goals – especially the scientific online conference – only a few Mails each year. You can un-subscribe anytime and have full control over your data!